Who we are

Currently Lunar consists of a team of 3 people.

We studied at university for Mediadesign and IT and are now working for Lunar. What we stand for is innovation, ambition and effort. Even though we are quite a small number in comparison with bigger projects we think that our project is thought through and implemented in a more intelligent way than most other projects.

What makes us different is that we have young innovative brains with an ambitious spirit. We want to change something! We are Lunar.

dominik hitzker
Dominik Hitzker


Manuel Gründling


David Lehner


Raphael Etzlstorfer


What we do

We envision the creation of a different kind of energy market, and we’ve built a series of blockchain-based products to help you get there.


Help producers of renewable energy sources to get paid fairly

Producers may know the fact that producing energy isn’t being rewarded at all. The money you get for producing in the public grid is redicilous. With Lunar you get paid well and you will be rewarded with a decent amount of $ LNR.

Release consumers from taxes, network-operating- and energy fees

Lunar is decentralized and you don’t have to pay for unnecessary costs. Energy providers are earning a golden nose from the fees of consumers. You can be 100 % sure that our decentralized software doesn’t force you to pay taxes, network-operating- and energy fees.

Help producers to share energy with neighbours

With Lunar you can easily share energy across the microgrid or offer it on an exchange. Neighbours can directly buy energy from producers.

“There is so much magic in this world that people stop realizing it. When people turn on the light and the bulb turns on after not even a second they take it for granted. If we think about it, this is real magic. Electricity is real magic.”

Thomas Riegler, Innogy

How it started

All began at university when 3 students called Dominik, Manuel and David had to think of a topic for thesis. They were all very interested in distributed ledger technology and how it could affect our daily life. But writing about DLT is only the theory.

As practical part of the thesis they set in mind to create an own application which enables a global marketplace for sharing renewably produced energy decentralized.

They wanted to make it as simple as possible for people young and old to share energy locally. Also it had to be as fast as possible and smart. 

That’s why they set in mind to create a paying system with an implemented AI. A few months later LUNAR was born…