Who we are

Currently Lunar consists of a team of 3 people.

We studied at university for Mediadesign and IT and are now working for Lunar. What we stand for is innovation, ambition and effort. Even though we are quite a small number in comparison with bigger projects we think that our project is thought through and implemented in a more intelligent way than most other projects.

What makes us different is that we have young innovative brains with an ambitious spirit. We want to change something! We are Lunar.

dominik hitzker
Dominik Hitzker


Manuel Gründling


David Lehner


What we do

We envision the creation of a different kind of energy market, and we’ve built a series of blockchain-based products to help you get there.


Help retailers manage their demand and supply

Consumers can contribute to solving price spikes and demand shortages that bedevil the industry. This means people with solar and batteries can sell their excess energy back to their energy company or private persons in near real-time, while making the overarching energy system more reliable.

Allow everyday investors to own a piece of tomorrow’s energy system

Our platform means everyday retail investors can invest in and co-own large-scale renewable assets like solar farms and batteries, with less upfront capital while receiving an attractive and proportionate return.

Track renewable energy

Historically tracking renewably produced energy has been a difficult job. We make it simple. You connect our platform to smart meters and our system will ensure the production of renewably produced energy with CO2 certificats.

“There is so much magic in this world that people stop realizing it. When people turn on the light and the bulb turns on after not even a second they take it for granted. If we think about it, this is real magic. Electricity is real magic.”

Thomas Riegler, Innogy

How it started

All began at university when 3 students called Dominik, Manuel and David had to think of a topic for thesis. They were all very interested in distributed ledger technology and how it could affect our daily life. But writing about DLT is only the theory.

As practical part of the thesis they set in mind to create an own application which enables global sendings with no transaction fees. Well, there were some projects already out there but they weren’t either well thought through or just not decentralized even if the majority thought so.

That’s why they wanted to make it as simple as possible for people young and old to move money globally. Also it had to be as fast as possible and smart. At that time blockchain 4.0 hasn’t been programmed yet.

That’s why they set in mind to create a paying system with an implemented AI. A few months later LUNAR was born…