How can I get $LNR?

Our ICO will take place on July 3rd, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. Our ICO is the first date where you can buy our tokens. 

What do you offer?

We’re developing a software which allows you to send and receive energy decentralized. With our product you can also see where the energy comes from and whether it’s produced renewably.

What can I do with $LNR

With the possession of $LNR you can consume the amount of KwH equal to the amount of $LNR you own. You can also send $LNR to others and alternitavely you can use it as an investment, store it and trade it on public exchanges.

Is there a community where I can discuss Lunar and interact with the team?

For discussions about Lunar we have a Facebook group and Subreddit.

I want to partner with Lunar. Who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest in Lunar. The best way to get in contact is by sending an email to office@lunarproject.org.

I have an event opportunity. How can I invite Lunar?

Thanks for your interest in Lunar. Please send an email to office@lunarproject.org with the details of the event. 

I have a media opportunity. How can I get Lunar involved?

Thanks for your interest in Lunar . Please email office@lunarproject.org with details of the media opportunity. 

How can I stay informed about the latest news?

We appreciate your interest in Lunar. For updates about our developments we have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Reddit page. You can also stay updated by reading our dev blogs on this website.

Why blockchain?

Currently, blockchain technology is the only solution for a full P2P market. The blockchain is needed when we have multiple parties transacting in near real-time, such as within the energy industry.

In existing systems, a Market Operator is responsible for reconciliation and settlement. In distributed energy markets the blockchain provides fast, immutable settlement so we can pin the financial transaction to the physical transaction.

In a complex transactive environment, only the blockchain can support low cost, fast and accurate reconciliation and settlement. Immutable records of physical transactions provide the certainty required to support autonomous financial settlement.

Doesn’t blockchain use a lot of energy?

Our blockchain network operates using less electricity than a standard laptop. Some blockchains are energy intensive, but we currently use proof-of-stake which is a consensus algorithm that is significantly less energy intensive.

What if there are more consumers than prodcuers?

Inequalities in the relationship between producers and consumers are not a problem due to the fact that there will be a big amount of $LNR available to buy on public exchanges.