What is Lunar?

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Newest technologies all combined in one

Due to Lunar’s young age in comparison with other blockchain projects, its blockchain has all the latest technology. Starting from quantum resistent hash functions to infinit scalability to Artificial Intelligence.



The Rail

Lunar still has the basic idea of a DAG but also the one of a blockchain. It still enables parallel transactions. The Lunar Rail is our self-developed architecture. A usual blockchain only allows transactions to be accomplished one after the other. This of course limits the scalability dramatically. The Rail splits the blockchain into different transaction lanes. Each lane is able to handle transactions. There is no fixed number of lanes because they can split themselves unlimited. Due to fixing the hash of the previous blocks on a lane it is able to always tell, which lane it has come from. A node witch is a member of e.g. Lane A can also access Lane D. That means that incoming transactions can be variefied parallel. One transaction must not overlap with others in different lanes. That means that a transaction can be varified in Lane A but parallel there can’t be a transaction coming in in Lane A and verify it in Lane C. That’s why only transactions from other lanes excluding Lane A can be processed parallel at the same time. The reward for verifying the transaction always gets higher for every more transaction which is processed within a block. That means that miners will always try to get as many transactions as possible inside a block to get a higher reward. With keeping all the mentioned points in mind Lunar’s network will scale infinitely and be faster than any other network before.


Lunar uses uPoW (useful Proof of Work) as a consensus algorithm. In PoW only the computer which solves the “puzzle” will be rewarded. Due to that a lot of energy is being wasted with no reason. In Lunar’s uPoW computers which aren’t able to solve the puzzle are able to still be rewarded. These computers get shifted to do less power intensitive work like verifying smaller transactions or powering the AI. The power which is used for solving the puzzle isn’t being useless and therefore still be rewarded with a lower fee.