What is Lunar?

What is Lunar?

With Lunar you can send and receive money globally in the fastest, most secure and most anonymous way.


Lunar is the modern way to pay. Digital funds can be fully sent and received throughout our system. Lunar is the future of money. It’s fast, secured and anonymous. 

Usually when people spend $100 to charity the receiver only gets 70%. Bankers have to be paid for their service, remittance institutions want something of the money and other 3rd party insitutions want to have a bite of it. So how can you be sure that the amount of money you sent away really reaches the receiver? The answer is simple: Lunar.

Not only do we care about that your money is transacted savely to the receiver, we also want that this can happen within seconds, place-independent, simple and anonymously. 

Because Lunar cares about your money!