What is Lunar?

What is Lunar?

With Lunar you can send and receive money globally in the fastest, most secure and most anonymous way.


Lunar is a decentralized application running on blockchain technology 4.0. It defines the Blockchain 4.0 in a whole new way with integrated AI and an consensus algorithm which opens up a completely new field of vision for fast and secure transactions. Digital funds can be fully sent and received throughout our system. Lunar is the future of money. It’s fast, secure and anonymous. 

If anyone would ask us how we would describe Lunar in a nutshell we would describe it as the smartest and most intelligent paying system on earth.

Not only do we care about that your money is transacted savely to the receiver, we also want that this can happen within seconds, place-independent, simple and anonymously. For making this possible Lunar is running on its own blockchain.

99% of current paying systems are centralized even if the top one’s in coinmarketcap decline this. They offer them as a secure way to send digital funds but at the end they all have a central institution in between which controlls the transferings through their network. Lunar is the 1% who is doing it different in a decentralized way. 

Take the modern way to pay. Go with Lunar.

Because Lunar cares about your money!